Thursday, March 29, 2012

Air X Wind Generator Install

400w Air X wind generator
Had a really productive day on Skylark. Besides finishing the install on the new sea hood, blog post to follow, Ralph was able to install the Air X wind generator. To do correctly, this is no easy task. To start, we set the 9 foot main pole and 2 supporting poles in place with a couple of screws. After everything was in place, we pulled all the hardware off the deck and did the "Drill, Fill and Drill" technique since we were going through the wood core. It takes a little longer but is a must to protect the wood core from water damage down the line.
Drill, Fill and Drill
The basic principle is to "Drill" out the holes you will need larger than the bolt going through it. You then "Fill" in the hole with epoxy resign by putting tape or a piece of wood underneath so you can fill the hole to the top and let it cure. At that point, you can "Drill" the holes you need through the epoxy and not have to ever worry about water getting into the wood core. It is the right way to do the project, so always look to the Drill, Fill and Drill technique anytime you drill into the wood core.
Ralph in action
Ralph still needs to finish the wiring, but I decided to re-do the main breaker panel, so it will be a few days before all of the switches are in place to control the generator and it's hooked into the house battery bank.
Once everything is hooked up, I will update this post with pics of the finished electrical connections, break panels and the juicy Amp flowing through the meter into the batteries. :)

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  1. It is a pretty smart idea making use of renewable energy for electricity on your boat. The wind generator definitely looks like it can handle the strongest gusts of wind. Now you have an alternative power source aside from gasoline. That can help cut costs for fuel and batteries. How are you finding the generator? Is it useful?