Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What's a Cal 34?

The Cal 34 was just one of many models designed by Bill Lapworth back in the 60's. There is a ton of information out there, but one of my favorite sites show the original sales brochures and gives an overview of the boat for the specific release year. They are fun to read and to see the other boats in the Cal fleet. Check it out,  http://www.gjenvick.com/BangorPunta/Cal

The Cal line is known for it's quality, seaworthiness, speed and stability. The Cal 34 specifically has participated and won many off-shore races and have successfully circumnavigated the globe. Skylark is very comfortable for her size and feels much bigger than a 33 foot boat when you are below. I have stayed on her for over a week straight and was extremely comfortable. Below is an excerpt from the 1968 sales brochure...enjoy.

"Built in all fiberglass by Jensen Marine, they feature Bill Lapworth's famous formula for speed - long waterline, light displacement hull, low wetted surface to sail area ratio, powerful sail plan, and spade rudder for positive control.

The long waterlines that give Cal boats extra speed also give them roomier accommodations. Long waterlines and short overhangs provide more living space below deck, and the raised deck design on the smaller Cal boats gives them wide level decks for efficient racing plus much larger cruising accommodations.

The interiors of Cal boats are finished in rich mahogany and exteriors are trimmed in teak. With their one piece fiberglass hulls, integrally molded decks and cockpits, molded in colors and non-skid surfaces, aluminum masts and booms, and stainless rigging, Cal boats are very solid".

Her vital statistics are:

L.O.A. 33'3"
L.W.L 26'
Beam 10'
Draft 5'
Ballast 3750 lbs.
Displacement 9500 lbs.
Sail Area 515 sq. ft
Engine 30 hp Atomic 4

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your site and looking at your refit posts. We have a 1975 Cal 34 that we are are currently listing on Craigslist, but we also consider taking this boat offshore. I found your site looking for information on refitting a Cal 34, hoping to find others who are sailing these boats offshore. I don't now what will happen for us, whether we will sell or keep the boat, but I look forward to seeing what you guys are doing with your boat.