Monday, November 19, 2012

Four Months Since My Last Post...Really??!!

Sorry folks, life has had a nasty way of taking over and keeping me up in NC longer than expected. Was also in Houston Texas for a week on business. Lots of running around but I was able to spend 5 days last week on Skylark. Had a fantastic weather window and enjoyed day after day of mid 70 degree days, a light breeze and perfectly clear skies.

Skylark was waiting patiently to see me and all was well with the new systems. Was too busy to get out but was able to run the engine in gear for about 45 minutes and was very happy with what the gauges were telling me. I had a problem with oil pressure and engine temp at first, but Ralph seems to have taken care of everything at this point (what else is new:). She started right up and ran very smoothly. I do think the engine is ready to go. Now if I can just find a few days to make that happen.

Nothing else really to report at this time. Just preparing for the holidays and working. I did get a new toy for when I am in NC, perfect for the mountains and the Blueridge Highway.  It's a Heist from CCW, a small company in Cleveland. If you are looking for something small to run around your home town, I highly recommend it. Check it out...  Cleveland Cycle Werks.

Next on my list for winter sailing. A propane heater for the cabin...