Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I was in Jacksonville from last Friday till yesterday, Monday night. Wanted to check in on Skylark and stay a few days before coming back with Zachary for his last summer adventure in Asheville before school starts. Kids in Florida start early and go back August 16th, so we decided to come back to NC until he has to start.

I tell you though it was not a tough decision as the temps in Florida have been crazy hot. For the entire time we were there, the heat index had the temps close to 110 with actual air temp near 100. Even the pool was uncomfortably warm to swim. At one point, they pumped out some water and cooled it down with the hose. And then in the afternoon, thunderstorms with winds at 50 mph and torrential rains were the norm. Way to hot to do anything on the boat. At this point, I am going to hold off on the non-essential projects and start again in November when the temperature cools down a bit. Thank god for the air conditioner.
All in all though, I think Skylark likes her new home and has been doing very well. I will stay for a week or so when I bring Zachary back on the 14th so I can hear about the first days of school. Maybe by then the hot weather will break a bit.

Skylark? No, not our Skylark, but another I saw in Charleston on the trip down.
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