Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Air X Marine Wind Generator

In addition to the solar panel, I decided to add an Air X Marine wind generator to help keep the house battery bank charged when away from the dock. I am going to be switching out the 2 group 27 batteries I have now and go with 3 group 31 batteries for about 300 amp hours. This should be plenty to run the fridge, tiller pilot, VHF and chartplotter. Found a great deal on Craigslist, gotta love that site, and will pick it up next week. I have some specs below if you are interested. Pics to come...

Product Applications: Sailboats and seaside locations
 Supplies power for refrigeration, auto-pilot, water maker,
 navigational equipment, communication equipment.
 Designed to withstand hurricane force winds
 Can be installed on transom or deck in just a few hours 
Product Features:
 Carbon fiber composite blades
 Aircraft quality aluminum alloy castings.
 Exclusive Brush-less neodymium based sealed alternator.
 Sophisticated internal battery charge regulator.
 Maintenance-free - only two moving parts.
 Exclusive Auto-brake feature slows the AIR-X to a silent
 spin when the batteries are charged, extending bearing
 life & eliminating noise
 Marine powder coating and stainless steel fittings for
corrosion protection in a marine environment.
 High Wind Safe Mode - Automatically slows turbine in
potentially damaging winds. Reduces noise and distractions
for peace of-mind when on or off your boat.
Corrosion Resistance: Acid etched castings double coated with marine grade
powder coat for superior protection from the environment.
 Anodized hub.
 Tuff-Gel coated fasteners to prevent seizing of components.
 Tin plated wires.
 Sealed alternator.


  1. Nice! Let us know your thoughts once you try this out. We'll be needing a wind generator, among many other things, in the next year!

  2. Hey guys...absolutely. I am expecting positive results as I have heard nothing but good things from others who have them in the marina. Especially if you are headed to the Keys and Bahamas where you get the constant winds. With a 300 amp hour house bank, there should always be cold beers in the fridge. Obviously a very important part of cruising. :)

  3. Very nice!! we have the wind generator and the solar panels, I have to say we are very pleased. I will keep you posted about our trip in May ya never know we may just stop in and say Hi.