Monday, May 3, 2010

That Time Again

Depending on weather, which by the way has been very difficult to predict in April, I am looking to see if we can start Leg 2 to Jacksonville on or around May 21st or 28th. We are estimating about 4 days from dock to dock if we get the right conditions. I am hoping once we start getting into May, the winds swing a little bit more to the west. The winds have been either SW or SSW for weeks now, directly in the direction we want to go. Will have to keep checking with, but for the next 10 days or so, we are looking at SSW winds the whole time.

In the mean time, I am having someone down to look at the port winch that broke on our last leg. Hopefully these guys will have the right parts for a 42 year old winch as a new one is a cost prohibitive at this point. It still works, but we lost the ratcheting functionality, the basic principal behind how it keeps the sheets from spinning the winch freely and injuring the the crew. Hoping to hear back from them this week. Fingers crossed.

I was in Jacksonville last weekend visiting family and stopped by the new marina to check out the pool they just put in. We lucked out as they were having a grand opening party with barbecue, some cocktails and some good folks. Really looking forward to getting down there and enjoying the summer. The marina and the pool looks great and will be a great place to keep Skylark.

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