Saturday, May 1, 2010

And now for Something Completely Different...

Amy and I decided to get back to the water this weekend, but in a different sort of way. We packed a few breakfast bars, some dried fruit, bananas and a jug of water and headed out to Brevard, NC, about 45 minutes from Asheville to do some waterfall hunting. Fortunately, we found our prey easily in DuPont State Park, home to 5 great falls in easy hiking distance. The weather was iffy, but we timed it perfectly only getting drizzled on for a minute or two. The cold front that moved through kept us cool and out of the sun, a perfect day for a hike.

After we finished the hike, we went into down town Brevard for some lunch. The beer was cold and the food was excellent at a place called the Square Root. If ever in the area, check it out.

Have some pics, enjoy...

The falls. They were running fast this time.

Looking forward to some swimming in the river at the bottom

We had some problems with the woodland creatures and our only way out was for Amy to get all street on their ass.

I had to calm down a bit after the ordeal was over.

As we climbed out of the river basin, the trees tried to pull us in with an all out root attack.

Again, Amy had to come to the rescue using her Wonder Twin powers to save us.

I was a heck of a trip, but we made it home unscathed.

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