Monday, April 23, 2012

Off the Grid

Amps coming in
Battery bank filling up nicely
Well, not exactly off the grid yet, but things are looking really good so far. With the storm front coming through, I was able to test the wind generator for the first time. Love to hear all those juicy amps flowing to the new battery bank. It's amazing how well the AirX wind generator (from here on to be known as Jenny) works. We are getting about 15 mph sustained gusting to 25 mph and I am seeing the amp meter show between 5-10, spiking to 14 amps. I turned off the shore power and found "Jenny" keeping the banks up at about 13 volts. I'll take that. More tests and results to come.
"Jenny" doing her thing


  1. Nice amps! We are in the process of looking at windgens. Our last boat had one and we would like to offset our solar with wind on our current boat. It's been quite a while since we bought the last generator and technology has multiplied. Who did you go through to purchase yours? Are you happy with the Company? Product? Support?

    1. So far, I have been really happy with the output but I too am going to offset with solar panel. In Florida, it's either blowing hard or not at all. Between the still summer months and night, you really need to have both.
      I got lucky and found a used Air X on Craigslist for just a few hundred dollars including the tower and mounting hardware. I will say that Air X has excellent customer support as we needed to fix a wire that broke free within the unit. They walked us through it, gave helpful hints and sent instructions by email. We fixed it without issue and any cost. They were happy to help. As far as the company, Air X is probably the most common out there and have proved themselves all over the world. It was really to install as well. I would recommend it for sure, although my experience with it is limited.