Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter in Jacksonville, FL

New addition to Skylark
Sorry I have been so quiet, but I haven't had too much new to report lately. I am still waiting for a few things to wrap up and get done so I can cross them off the list. I've been down on Skylark since Feb 1 and have been trying to get things in order and planned for the upcoming season. The kicker is though, the weather has been spectacular since I have been here. It feels like it IS the new season. A little cooler today, but it has been in the low 80s the first half of the week, just incredibly nice days to help wash away the winter blahs. It's been wonderful to be in shorts again, I have missed it being in the 40 degree North Carolina mountains. Although no matter how cold it gets, I will never give up my flip flops, I refuse.

I have also been able to see Zachary almost every day I have been here, so that's been great as well. Looking forward to another weekend of baseball practice and relaxing. Although, Zachary has landed himself his first paying job and will be assisting one of his buddies washing and waxing his Grandfather's boat here in the marina. Hoping the weather holds for this momentousness occasion. :) It will be fun to watch...from afar...with a beer. :)

So what am I working on? Current projects include fixing or replacing the Adler Barbour refrigeration unit that has been sitting inoperative since I bought the boat. We are going to see if it can be repaired since it's a good unit and worth fixing. If it is DOA, then one of those new swap and drop units will be installed. Everything has already been fitted, so replacing shouldn't be that hard.
The water tanks are still at the top of the to-do list but might require a bit more time since we found them to be basically glassed in. Won't be as easy as originally thought (what ever is), but nothing that can't be handled.
Also keeping my eye out for a tiller pilot and a used dingy. And of course the solar panels once I get them, so all in all, pretty busy.

More to come...fair winds.

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  1. Sounds like you are settling in and things are coming together!!! We went down to the boat this weekend and got a few things done before tne artic blast, FL is looking better and better lol. Glad you are getting to spend alot of time with your son that is great.

    We will keep you updated on our planned trip south this May.

    Doug and Tina

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