Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress Made

Water tank faucet to left, city water to right
I have been talking about fixing or replacing the water tank and lines for a long time now. In a previous post, I mentioned that the 25 gallon water tank under the V-birth was actually glassed in and had no access panel, if you can believe it. My buddy Ralph had to get creative but came up with a solution that makes it almost impossible to see where anyone touched a thing. Once the plan was in place and the fine cutting was done, we were able to pull the tank and take a look-see on the dock. After 43 years, the stainless steel tank looked perfect inside and out. About 30 minutes of cleaning, spraying and swishing with a few drops of bleach, the tank was ready to go back in along with all new water lines led to the galley (which was no easy tasks as the previous owner blocked all the old water line conduits adding extra insulation to the ice box) and the head sinks. To keep things as simple as possible, I decided not to install a pressure water system and just go with pump faucets. I wasn't sure how it would work, but after a few days of use, I think they really work well. I also look at it as somewhat of a built in "usage limiter" when out on the hook. Especially with folks on-board that are not used to a limited water supply. So I can now officially say the water system is completely overhauled and working on Skylark. About time.

The Norcold Icebox Conversion Kit
The other item we are in the process of installing is a new set of cold plates in the ice box. I had an old Adler Barbour system all plumbed and supposedly OK, but it never worked and like most things on the boat, had to go. Since it was at one time a good system, we took it out of the boat and brought it over to Ralph's workshop for a thorough inspection in hopes of a resurrection. After some poking and prodding, it looked like the compressor was shot so it was deemed dead. After some research, I decided to go with the Norcold Refrigerator Kit. It should work perfectly for my needs but I will certainly keep you updated once it's in and keeping the sun downers cold. More to come.

Delta 22
We are also in the process of adding a bow roller so I can include a Delta 22 anchor in my arsenal of ground tackle. That project is still in the planning stages, so I will add pictures as we get further along. Still have some wood to chop, but I finally feel like I am making a dent in the to-do list. Very happy indeed.

PS. The weather here in Florida has been in the 70s and 80s for the last few weeks. Today, it was 86...unreal. I truly have a new respect for the "Snow Bird" but that's another post.

Fair winds...

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