Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Work to Be done

 After a quick 7 hour trip down to Jacksonville, (thank goodness for Sirius radio and Howard Stern) I made it safely to Skylark under a cloudless sky and 81 degrees. We have had terrible weather lately in Asheville, including snow last Saturday, so it was really nice to feel the sun on my face for a change. A quick glance across the marina revealed Skylark floating on her lines, right where she should be. A happy person was I.

So with a pretty calm work week expected, I plan on really doing some spring cleaning inside and out. Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be just as nice as today, so a thorough scrubbing of the decks is in order. As well, if the wind isn't too bad, I will run the jib up the furler and get the monster 155 genny out of the quarter birth. I have been meaning to clean that all out and repaint the wood, but the sail has been in the way since Skylark arrived in Jacksonville. After being here now for a while, I am glad I have the 155 as the winds are usually pretty lite along the river, but I will certainly look into something smaller before the next big trip.

Starboard winch...how pretty :)
You will be happy to know that the winches are installed and working well. Easy job fortunately but extremely important. Other than the engine work, that was the last official job that had to be done prior to the seasons first sail. The to-do list is still pretty long, but nothing that can't wait a bit.

Talking about engines, Scott had planned on pulling the engine this week, but was called away to an emergency salvage in the Gulf, so we had to reschedule to next week. In actuality, that works fine as I was here this week anyway and can get some stuff done prior to him coming down. If all goes according to plan, we should be ready for the first sail of 2011 the next time I come, woohoo! I can tell Skylark is ready to go...she has been tied to the dock for too long now. I know I am ready, that is for sure.

So with that said, I am looking forward to visiting with Zachary as well as delving into some projects this week. The weather is calling for 80s and sun, so I couldn't be happier. Will keep the updates coming.

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  1. sounds like your enjoying the beautiful weather and making the most of it! the weather has been nice here, too, but definitely not in the 80's!