Wednesday, January 19, 2011

67 Degrees and Sunny

I truly envy all you out there who get to enjoy the beautiful southern weather year round. As I made my way down Rt 95 south today, I could see the thermometer slowly but surely climb from the mid thirties to a whopping 67 degrees by the time I made it to the marina. Now I realize 67 is not the end all be all, but when you have had snow since early December and temperatures in the teens at night, 67 degrees feels Africa hot. I am actually sitting on the boat in shorts and a tee shirt, so I will certainly take what I can get. Along with a nice warm day, there is not a cloud in the sky and of course a wonderful sea breeze to air everything out. And I hear, tomorrow is supposed to be 70. Wow, and to think I nearly killed myself on the ice this morning when I loaded the car.
All is well here on Skylark. Other than a few new boats in the marina, everything seems to be the same ol', same ol'. Looking forward to spending some time with Zachary and getting some stuff done on the boat as well. I have my trusty list here and I hope to get a few things crossed off by the end of the week. In the mean time, I will soak up some sun and enjoy it all while it lasts. I think I saw 50s and rain for the weekend. The horror! More to come as I get stuff done.

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