Saturday, January 22, 2011

5036 Visitors. What the What?

So I was taking a look at the blog today and scrolled to the very bottom. I saw that there have been over 5000 visitors to the blog since it was started. Since there are only 8 followers, I was quite surprised that there have been so many folks poking around over the last 2 years. (I guess I should look at the visitor counter more often) I would love to hear from you all and know who you are, what you might like to see, new ideas, questions, etc. Don't be shy...

I really appreciate you coming to look. It makes it all worth it. Thanks!

P.S. Very cold down here in Jacksonville today. Thank goodness for the little heater that could. :)


  1. enjoy living thru your adventure good & bad would enjoy more pics I am stuck in Michigan.

  2. I'll pipe up--I've been a lurker since the beginning of your blog. Back then, I was searching hard for my own Cal 34, and reading anything I could find online about the boat. I finally found one a few months ago that fit just right (a '69), and have since re-rigged standing and running rigging, done a bottom job, and more or less following a similar path than the one you so excellently document on this blog (although in my case, on the Columbia River in Portland OR).

    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  3. Hey Paul, great to hear from you. Would love to see some pics when you have a chance. I see you don't have a blog yet, but I am hoping that is just temporary. :) Thanks for reading.
    TaylorMad1, sorry the pics have been pretty sparce lately, but I got a new digital camera for Christmas and hope to change all that shortly. In the mean time, you will have endure the cell cam. Thanks!

  4. Hey there! Me, I am just a sailing girl who can't get enough. Sailing. Been sailing all my life; Recently I found virtual sailing to be enjoyed while the ocean freezes over. Someone told me to blog it, and that made me look all over the internet for sailing blogs. Thanx for sharing your adventure...