Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip Preperation

So I have converted the spare bedroom to the "staging" area and have it piled high with all of the stuff that will be coming along on the trip. Amy will check each item off the list as I pack the car to be sure I don't forget anything. I feel pretty good about things at this point. The planning has been going on for a while now, so all of the details are nailed down and captured.

The 5 day forecast for next week is looking good. (knock on wood) The plan as of now is to go to the boat on Monday morning and start prepping and provisioning. If all goes well, we will leave Tuesday morning at first light or the second pot of coffee, which ever comes first, and head towards Indian Island at the mouth of the Pamlico River. Depending on weather, we will make a decision to either head down the ICW towards the Beaufort inlet or continue across the bay towards the Ocracoke inlet. They both have pros and cons but weather will help us make that decision.

I just want to get started, so the next few days will be anxious ones. The preparation is done, only the sailing is left.

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  1. happy sailing! can't wait to hear about the journey!