Thursday, March 18, 2010

Florida Trip Update

As you probably noticed the other day, I had submitted a post looking for a replacement for a buddy that had to back out of the trip due to an unexpected family emergency. Unfortunately, after days of trying, I was not able to find anyone that could go on such short notice so I will have to delay the trip. This delay could be a couple of days or a week or two depending on weather and availability, but the boat is ready to go and quite honestly, so am I. It's a little disappointing, but it will happen soon and really, that's that. So, if anyone has about 4 to 5 days open in the next couple of weeks and feels like an off-shore trip, let me know.

A positive in all this will be a great opportunity this weekend to put Skylark through a complete shake down with a buddy of mine. Leaving tomorrow for a 2 day cruise down the Pamlico River. Will anchor out behind Indian Island if the winds are right and make sure all the rigging, sails, electrical systems, etc. are ready for the big trip. I will update with pics and a report. The weather will be in the 70s with sun and wind at 10-15 knots. Looking forward to it.

Thanks as always for following.

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  1. Sorry you weren't able to find any crew for what sounds like a great trip. Sounds like the shakedown is gonna be fun though!