Friday, March 12, 2010

Chart Update, Good Stuff

Only two days after placing my order with OceanGrafix, I was surprised to find brand new charts on my doorstep today. I went with the Print on Demand charts and easily found the areas I needed on the website. You can search by Area, Region or by the chart #. The website explains how it all works, but right before they print any chart, they confirm from NOAA that their current version has all of the most recent updates, so you know that they are as good as it gets. (Just in case anyone is wondering, I have no affiliation with OceanGrafix what so ever. I just like to pass on to other cruisers things I have found and liked. And that is certainly the case here:)

The paper quality was excellent and measured in at about 3 foot by 4 foot, bigger than I expected. Very clear and easy to read and all for about $24 a chart. Not too bad at all, especially since they got here so fast. If you need charts, check them out.

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