Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Never Ending Task List

The weather has finally broken and temps were in the 60s today at the boat. I am writing this update live from the settee, (U-shaped couch), enjoying a nice warm and comfy salon, (Living Room), waiting for the space heater to preheat the forward cabin, (Bedroom). It's been great to get back. With the holidays and all sorts of other stuff going on, it's been about 5 weeks since I have been here. It pains me to say that as I truly love it, but I certainly take advantage of it when I can. And that will surely be the case when we move Skylark to Jacksonville. Don't have new dates at this point, but it is safe to say we missed our pre-winter window and will need to look at new dates no earlier than March, I would think. Till then, it's Cruising World, Latitudes & Attitudes, Live Aboard magazines and a bunch of sailing Blogs to get me through.

Was able to knock out a few outside chores today in only shorts and a T-shirt. Woohoo.. Boy do I miss the summer. Temps dropping now a bit, but don't think we will get out of the 40s over night. A real scorcher. Thank god for portable heaters. As well as the chill, there is rain on the way for tonight and tomorrow. I fortunately have a ton of inside projects to get through.

Well, that's about it. If tonight is as calm and quiet as last night, I am in for some good sleeping.

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  1. Hello Jim, In response to your query about pictures of my dream boat, well, the pictures of the inside were horrendous. If I can find them I'll post them on the bog but let me warn you, you'll lose sleep over