Sunday, January 31, 2010

De Ja Freakin' Vu

Well, we got another 10 inches of snow in Asheville, NC this weekend. Ice was horrible this time around as there was sleet that froze to everything. I am sure you saw some of the news cast about the power being out across most of western NC. For a change, we never lost it here but it flickered a few times. Once again we made the trip over to Greenlife market on foot Friday night and got a few items to make it through.

At this point, I am really getting sick of this cold and need some sun. Can only do so much getting the boat ready for the trip when the temps don't get out of the 20's, but I am certainly trying. Looking at mid March at this point, but it's still way too far out to lock anything down.

As far as what's left to do, the list is getting shorter. Still have to secure the propane tank to the cockpit stanchions and run the line properly through the lazarette to the stove. Need to get new flares and replace all of the old ones that have expired. First aid kit, off-shore life vest, inflatable raft and a MOB (Man Over Board) pole that attaches to the backstay. Thinking about a radar reflector that goes up the mast and helps the big ships see us small boats at night. I have heard a lot of different opinions on whether it's worth it, but have not nailed that down as of yet. Also want to add 2 new deep cell batteries to the house bank. The near term power solution will be solar panels, but that won't happen till I am down in Florida. And last but not least, a few days before we go, I will have the boat pulled out of the water and have them power wash all the growth off the hull, prop and through-hulls. It's a pain in the ass but necessary at this point as I could tell the prop was covered last time we went out. Was planning to scrape a bit before the water got too cold but certainly missed that opportunity a long time ago. There is more of course, but that's good for now. Hang in there, the warmth has to be getting close.

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  1. Soooo, you have all our snow!! Here in South Ontario we can still see the tips of the blades of grass, THAT is unheard of in February. I have yet to pick up a shovel this year. Sorry to hear of your snow and ice troubles....Allan