Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

You might remember this picture from a post quite a few years ago. It was taken of me at the helm of Skylark about 20 miles off the coast of North Carolina. It was one of  the best times of my life, albeit one of the most intense as well. Not too long after this picture was taken, we were hit with an unpredicted storm that threw us around like a cork for about 16 hours before we ran for cover at Cape Lookout Spit. I had never been so exhausted both mentally and physically in my life.

That trip however sparked something in me that changed my life. I will never forget the feeling I had on that midnight to 3:00 am watch when the winds were right and Skylark cut through the water like she was meant to do. Never have I ever felt peace like that, and I will always continue to look for that, whenever I can.

Unfortunately though, life does get in the way and the time needed for a good adventure has been very hard to find. Although Skylark is ready for such a trip, I am not and continue to battle with time, work and everything else that makes up a modern life we lead today.

I will continue to hope for the best and have Skylark and myself ready to go if the stars ever align, but in the meantime, I will think back to that time when I was a very small being on a very small boat in the middle of a very big ocean. Hopefully, it will be enough...

Fair winds.

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