Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Week so Far in April

Have been down in Jax now for about a week. Have enjoyed the weather, being in the high 70s, although this weekend was a washout. Zachary's baseball game was cancelled, so we headed over to the Barnes and Noble for a bit to check out the new magazines and of course for a coffee.
Nothing too much planned at this point. Work has been outrageously busy, so I am just going day by day.

Have been doing small projects on Skylark while I have been here, but I am happy to say all the major work is done and working great. Would like to get some deck scrubbing in tomorrow afternoon if the weather breaks, but that too will be decided as we go. Think the rest of the day will be spent below doing homework and reading. I could use the break, and will be happy to sit still and relax. Maybe even a nap, can you fathom??!!

Wanted to say congratulations to my friends Doug and Tina on S/V Pieridae. About 2 weeks ago, they sold off the rest of their land based possessions and officially moved aboard Pieridae, their O'day 40. They are currently bobbing happily in Southport, NC and will be there for a bit before setting off into the sunset. I wish them fair winds and look forward to seeing them out there.

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  1. Thanks for the send off. We are doing great hope you are as well. We will be in Southport until Oct. at which time we will be sailing south to FL for the winter. Maybe even in a slip near you lol. Are you back on the boat? Hope you guys can visit us here in Southport soon. Anyway fair winds until next time