Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Disappointing 2011, looking forward to 2012

I guess life really does get in the way sometimes. In my case, this years sailing season came and went with little progress on my part. I did get a few small things done, and of course the 3 months I spent on Skylark with Zachary over the summer was fantastic. But in reality, it was still rather disappointing working through engine rebuilds and not getting away from the dock. Fortunately, the friends I have made make staying at the dock a lot of fun and good place to be, but as you can imagine, being out there is where we all want to be. Hopefully, this spring is my time.

It makes you think about that oh-so-fragile balancing act between "real" life and life on the sea. It's very difficult to have both sometimes, but I always feel it is very much worth the fight. I talk to tons of people who feel the same way. Generally speaking, most everyone is waiting for one thing or another to start, finish or disappear before breaking away and starting their life at sea. And most everyone has a number they are working towards, the number of years before they can cast off the lines and not look back. 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. Whats your number, I know you have one. :)  Of course there are the lucky souls that have hit their number and are out there doing it. They are the inspirations that keep us going and striving for that number. A warmth thanks to all of you!

But as a lot of folks know, life itself is one of the best anchors out there, it holds firm in all conditions and is extremely hard to break free once set. But it is worth the fight and we keep doing it and bottom line, it's all we can do. You hear all the time, "Go Now!"  Unfortunately, reality isn't always that simple.

So now it's mid-December and we are on the door step to another year. I plan to do a lot of sailing this year. Good, bad or ugly, Skylark is getting off the dock and will be putting miles under the keel once again. It's the way it should be and I look forward to the adventures that are in store. (Needless to say, I have renewed my membership to BoatUS :) I will be sure to wave as we see you folks out there. If you see me anchored off somewhere, come on by, I can guarantee there will be a sundowner of one kind or another on board with your name on it.

And thanks for following along. There have been over 9,000 new visitors to the site from all over the world, it's wonderful to know you folks are out there. This coming year, I really hope there is more interesting stuff to keep you entertained. Thanks as always and if we don't chat in the next couple of weeks, have a very Happy New Year.

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