Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene Update

As Irene made her way north west off shore, we fared no problems as the very outer bands passed over Jacksonville. Other than a 2 foot storm surge and some 40 mile and hour winds Thursday night, we are all OK. We were lucky...

All my thoughts are with the folks up in North Carolina and beyond as Irene makes landfall. Good luck to you all and be safe.


  1. glad to hear you made it through the storm with no problems! i keep envisioning winter here and hoping the summer lasts forever! (even though i DO live in san diego... where even winter isn't that bad!)

  2. Hey Samantha,
    Yeah, we were pretty lucky, it wasn't bad at all. It's still early in the season, so I will keep my fingers crossed.
    Winter!? Can't even comprehend winter with the temps we have had here in the last few weeks. I am really looking forward to the fall sailing, I hear it's the best time of the year here. The engine is going back in on Wednesday, so I hope to be out on the river real soon. Will keep you updated. How are things with you guys out there, looks like you have had some nice adventures yourself...