Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back at Skylark

So after a long time away, I am back on Skylark. Got in around 10:00 pm tonight and have everything nice and tidy as I type away while sipping on a beer. As usual, Skylark was sitting as she should be and all was well. Thought for sure I would have some mildew to contend with below, but there wasn't a speck anywhere to be seen. Really surprising as the weather from what I have been told was very hot and super humid for weeks. Skylark is a very dry boat, but I was pleasantly surprised regardless.

So I have a lot of things planned for this trip, including hopefully the installation of the engine. Don't exactly know how long I will be here this time, but it will be at least a few weeks or possibly more. I will keep good updates as a go along, but besides the engine, fuel tank and wiring, I am also thinking I will paint the deck, finish the teak, put up the jib and get the bottom scraped. If all goes well, I hope to get out for the first time since Skylark got here just over a year ago. Looking forward to that.


  1. That's awesome to get all that time on the boat. Good luck with the motor stuff!

    I just spent a week redoing the electrical at large, and adding a house bank, which made it possible to install X-5 tiller pilot, wind, depth, knotmeter, and new raymarine GPS, and perhaps my favorite, a wireless remote for the tiller pilot (also functions as a repeater for all instruments)--all networked. Very nice so far! Also added an ACR, new 95 amp alternator, and dual battery monitor. Still have radar scanner in the box, not sure when I'll get to that, don't need it for now....

  2. sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy, too. we've been trying to tie up the loose ends around here... we're still fairly new to sailing but i get the feeling the list never ends! ;)