Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Gets Old

No matter how much time I spend working on Skylark or the constant trips moving gear to and fro, I always smile when I look across the docks and see her sitting peacefully in her spot. Skylark is, at least from what I can tell, the oldest boat in the marina. Her lines make her stand out from all the new designs floating near by. She always gets a lot of looks from folks strolling the docks, especially after a good wash down. It never gets old.

Since the trip, I haven't started any new projects. Mostly because it's been so hot, but also because I wanted to just relax and enjoy things a bit now that Skylark is in Jacksonville. I have however broken out the list of to do's and started to prioritize for the spring. I will say the barnacle growth here on the river is astounding. In over two years on the Pamlico river, I had very moderate growth and only pulled it once for a pressure wash. In the 6 months that I have been here, the bottom is completely covered so a cleaning and a good coat of paint is up on the list. Then there is the engine, but that's a story for another time.

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