Friday, June 11, 2010

Leg 2 to Jacksonville Update

I have been pretty hush hush lately about plans for our trip down to Jacksonville. We have run into so many snags over the last couple of months that I thought maybe I need to keep my mouth shut and just wait until it's real close. Well, we are leaving for the boat this afternoon to start preparations and provisioning. I hope that's close enough. :)

The plan is to leave Morehead City, NC tomorrow, Saturday June 12th. We have good weather forecast for the next few days, so as of now, we are looking good. The first big hurdle is getting around Cape Fear, but the weather looks like it will cooperate till Sunday morning before the winds change, so we should just make it far enough south west before having to head west when the winds come around.

The repaired sail was delivered to the boat on Wednesday, so I feel really good about the sails for the trip. Thanks to Paul at Omar Sails in Beaufort for getting that done for us. Dave and I need to install the new GPS, but other than that, I feel confident Skylark is ready. Who is Dave you ask? I will save that for another post. :) Allen was not able to join the trip this time, so I welcome Dave aboard for this leg.

If it's possible, I will ask Amy to post progress as we make our way down the coast. I don't plan on being very far off shore most of the way, so I am thinking we will have cell reception when we get closer to Charleston. As of now, we are not planning on stopping, but there are tons of inlets that have good anchorages, so if we need to, we will. Safety is of course key, so we will take our time and do it right. I plan to be in Jacksonville Thursday morning, but there is no such thing as a set schedule on a sailboat.

Wish us luck. If nothing else, I will post when we get in and let you all know how it went.

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  1. Hope the trip is going well. We're waiting on the update...