Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Update

So the weather was a lot colder and much windier than predicted. (thank God for space heaters) A bouncy day, but I was able to get the major projects done. Fortunately, there wasn't too much left to do on deck except mounting a bulk head compass. Seems the previous owner put all his trust into electronics and used his GPS for his headings as well. Don't get me wrong, electronics are a good thing, (not sure Bernard Moitessier would agree, but that's a whole other conversation) it's just after years of being in the technology field, I am quite certain having a non-electronic navigational device on-board was probably a very good idea. So that was my big adventure today. A pretty simple job to be honest but it always makes me cringe a little cutting a hole in the boat. Especially a 4 inch diameter hole. But all went well. To make it even easier, I had some very helpful neighbors on-board...makes it more fun.:) Thanks Robert and Iverson!

Besides wiring up the compass and scrubbing mold that loves to hide in obscure corners of old boats, my day is coming to an end. The wind finally died down and the creek is like glass. Should be a great night. And after a movie from Netflix and a little dinner, I will call it a day.

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  1. Jim, in answer to your questions about "The Dream Boat", there are no photos, the wife deleted them in horror! I will look for them though. I myself might have shown more interest in it but the wife was shocked at the condition of the interior, and you very well know the spouse has half the voting power. I was put off by the claim that it was ready to cruise....if I can salvege the interior shots I will post them, but be prepared to shudder.

    BTW, conerning your post today, I agree with you about electronics, put that compass in even if its just for your piece of mind. And yes, cutting holes in your boat goes against a sailors basic instinct. Good sailing....Allan